Virtual Consumer Seminar

Every Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. (eastern), we present the “Great Retirement Income Gap” consumer seminar.

Our goal  is to provide you with another tool to use to help initiate or extend your client conversations by focusing on their retirement income protection needs – particularly those that are extended healthcare related.

GRIG Button Producer Demo

The virtual consumer seminar is just over 22 minutes in length and is conducted in a “listen-only” format.  Our conversation is focused on the topic at hand and does not delve into specific solutions or products.  We want attendees to take notes and “contact your advisor” with questions and take the next step with their long term care planning.

Your invitees are required to register and share with us the advisor who extended their invitation.  This information is vital as it allows us to report back to you which of your clients’ attended.  Within 48 hours of the virtual consumer seminar, we report back to you which of your clients registered and whether they attended or not.  We do not share this information with anyone but you.

Our registration is simple to use.  We ask for your client’s name, phone, and email along with who invited them (you) and a confirmation that they are a consumer.  Once that they are registered, they will receive a confirmation email from me and a reminder of the webcast one day and one hour prior to the scheduled presentation.


With the virtual consumer seminar, we have promotional and supporting materials that can be customized specifically for you.  Invitations, workbooks, brochures, and a bunch of other “stuff” is available.

One last thing – while we are offering a “global” virtual consumer seminar on Tuesdays at 7 p.m (eastern), we can customize the presentation specifically for you.  Heck, we can even let you present with us.

In order to participate or for more information, please contact me directly to discuss this program.  I can be reached at or via phone / text at (678) 512-9627.

The ideas and information shared by Fridays with Fisher is intended for use by financial professionals and is not intended for distribution to the general public.