Alzheimer’s Disease

Yesterday, as part of our Leading Tomorrow with OneAmerica speaker series, we heard form Jack Broyles from the Alzheimer’s Association.

Alzheimer’s is the most common cause for dementia and accounts for more than 60% of diagnosed dementia cases. Alzheimer’s is a specific disease while dementia is not.

Alzheimer’s is a degenerative brain disease that includes cellular changes in the brain itself. These changes progressively worsen over time starting with memory issues. As one ages, the impact can expand to include the ability to communicate, eat, and walk.

Although aging is a factor in Alzheimer’s, the disease is not a normal part of aging.

Researchers believe that there is not one single cause for Alzheimer’s and that it is likely influenced by genetics, environment, and lifestyle. While one cannot change the genetic factors, a healthy lifestyle may help mitigate the risk.

To date, there is no clear cut determination of what causes Alzheimer’s nor is there a cure. But, research is making tremendous strides in understanding aspects of this terrible disease. If you want to learn more about Alzheimer’s or would like to help find a cure by making a donation, go to the Alzheimer’s Association website at

Want more information? Contact Justin Fox via email at or phone at (844) 658-3725 … or you can email at or voice / text at (678) 512-9627.

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