Claims Concierge

Our promise is to be there when our policyholders (and their loved ones) need us.  There is no more important time during our relationship then when an extended healthcare event occurs.

How OneAmerica® Care Solutions Claims Concierge works:

  • When a policyholder needs extended care, call us first. The sooner you call, the sooner we can start answering questions and processing the claim.
  • We’ll assign a Care Specialist  to help complete the required forms.
  • A Care Specialist will communicate on the policyholder’s behalf with doctors and other care providers to gather all of the necessary information.
  • Along with answering your questions, your  dedicated Care Specialist is available to offer support and guidance throughout the claims process.

Claims Concierge Brochure

“Steps to Filing a Claim” information sheet details the process and the information that is required to initiate a claim.

Step by Step Guide to Receiving Care offers additional information that can be helpful.

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