Claims – Make Sure You Know

Last week on Coffee Break, we shared a few pieces of information with you. Elaine Marvin discussed the history and timeline of Care Solutions.  Niki Johnson shared the underwriting requirements for the Annuity Care products.  And, Jen Wagoner examined claims being paid daily versus monthly. If you have not taken time to watch the episode,... Continue Reading →

Reimbursement or Indemnity

If you have been paying attention to my weekly LTC Coffee Break broadcast schedule, you'll have noticed this week that Michael Florio and I discussed the topic of reimbursement and indemnity policies. (My shameless plug - in the time that it takes for you to finish a medium coffee from Dunkin, we will share you... Continue Reading →

Claims Concierge – Making It Easier

We are in the business of providing a financial solution to a family when they most need it.  And, when an extended healthcare event occurs, there is no more important time during our relationship. That is why the OneAmerica® Care Solutions Claims Concierge program was developed. Hear about the impact of our Claims Concierge in... Continue Reading →

Your Clients Aren’t Average

Some carriers like to claim that your clients don’t need LTC protection beyond the average length of a care need. But preparing for only the average length of a care need can leave a large gap. The Story of Averages The average length of an LTC need is typically longer for women than men (3.7... Continue Reading →

It’s About The Claim

Our purpose is to provide the funding resources for our policyholders when their health is compromised and they require long term care services. Last year, I shared some claims information with you.  Today, I plan to share a little information that will be tremendously helpful when a client contacts you to initiate a claim. The... Continue Reading →

The OneAmerica Difference

An interesting thing happened on my way to the office this morning.  This time, my office wasn’t an airport, hotel room, meeting room, or automobile; it was my office at home. For the past 2 years I have written and distributed Fridays with Fisher hoping to provide ideas that might help you move the bar... Continue Reading →

I’ve got this

A long term care claim does not need to be permanent for an insured to receive benefits from a policy.  As noted in "Is it covered?", life insurance with chronic illness riders will not provide coverage for services that are not permanent in nature. True LTC policies (traditional and asset-based), cover both permanent and recoverable maladies.... Continue Reading →

Is it covered?

I have a few concerns about using life insurance as a funding strategy for long term care.  I don't mean in the sense of a true linked benefit / asset-based LTC product like Asset-Care.  What I am referring to is the "add-on" coverage provided by a rider on the life insurance policy. "Oh, by the... Continue Reading →

Claims Concierge Video

Care Solutions from OneAmerica has provided LTC benefits for nearly 30 years.  (If you didn't know that, you either haven't heard me speak or I blasted through that so fast that you never caught it.)  Not many carriers in the linked benefit / asset-based LTC / hybrid space can say that.  In fact, there is... Continue Reading →

Q&A – Tax Treatment of Benefits

Question: What is the tax treatment of  LTC Benefits paid from Asset-Care or Annuity Care? Answer: Our Care Solutions portfolio functions on a reimbursement basis.  Since Reimbursement Benefits for qualified LTC services are not taxed, benefits are tax-free. As a side note, Per Diem or Indemnity Benefits are not taxed except those benefits that exceed the greater of Total Qualified... Continue Reading →

Initiating a Claim

Question: How does a client initiate a claim? Answer: Initiating a claim is pretty simple.  Contact OneAmerica Claims at (800) 275-5101, Option 3. This will connect you directly to a OneAmerica Claims Associate who will initiate the claims process. For your reference, this "Steps to Filing a Claim" information sheet details the process and the information... Continue Reading →

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