State Sponsored LTC Webcast

Funny what a year can do. Think about that statement and where we as an industry were. The enrollment deadline for the Washington state Cares Act was looming, business was swamping carriers, and everyone seemed to be losing their collective minds from the chaos that resulted. Today, the waves has passed, the Act was paused... Continue Reading →

Can Your Plan Do This?

While I was returning home from my vacation, I was doing a Google search on “why should I buy LTC insurance”.  The first website that came up was a landing page for a LTC specialist with an interesting approach. First was a statement of what we value.  Let me parapharase: We love our family We... Continue Reading →

Memory Care &OneAmerica

In last week’s Fridays’ with Feature, I requested your support for the Alzheimer’s Association and their Walk to End Alzheimers.  As you are likely aware, the impact of Alzheimer’s and other memory issues is significant and one of the most quickly growing causes for requiring extended healthcare. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, the average duration... Continue Reading →

Indexed Annuity Care Compare

Yesterday, Michael Florio and I hosted a meeting at The Hartford Club where we focused exclusively on the Indexed Annuity Care product. A reminder, in Connecticut, it is the only PPA compliant deferred annuity; nationally, it is the only PPA compliant fixed indexed annuity. What that means is - when benefits are paid from the... Continue Reading →

Indexed Annuity Care

Alright - it's time for me to demand your attention. I've been polite long enough and people just are not listening. Your annuity clients are sitting on a long term care time bomb if they are planning to use their annuity money as a funding source. It is a fact - according to a Gallup... Continue Reading →

Underwriting Rated Cases

Last week, I made a bold statement that EVERYONE wants the "layup" business where the clients are in good health and can be moved through underwriting based upon a phone interview. It's true - anyone can do that. What is also true is that OneAmerica chooses to offer solutions to more people because OneAmerica is... Continue Reading →

Two For One

Last week, we announced a price reduction to our Asset Care product which takes effect this week. You will be happy to know that if you have an application in house, those new rates will apply. If you have any questions pertaining to the reprice, PLEASE DIRECT YOUR QUESTIONS TO JUSTIN FOX AT (844) 658-3725... Continue Reading →

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