Self-funding Cap

Last week, I started a conversation about self-funding a long term care and I shared a few examples of potential future costs.  As a reminder, OneAmerica offers an  Interactive Cost of Care Map that can help you find the cost of care anywhere in the country.  It’s a great tool to have on your mobile... Continue Reading →

Can Your Plan Do This?

While I was returning home from my vacation, I was doing a Google search on “why should I buy LTC insurance”.  The first website that came up was a landing page for a LTC specialist with an interesting approach. First was a statement of what we value.  Let me parapharase: We love our family We... Continue Reading →

A Plug for Asset Based LTC

I don't claim to be unbiased. I admit that I have an agenda. I want you to address your client's long term care funding needs using the products that my company (OneAmerica) produces and distributes (Asset Care and Annuity Care). That is my agenda - I want your business. That is why I share ideas... Continue Reading →

How Qualified Money Works

This month, I am sharing a little about funding long term care premiums using qualified money. As a matter of fact, if you want to hear a few ideas, join Michael Florio and me for our LTC Coffee Break on Tuesday mornings at 10am. You can catch our most recent release and access our library... Continue Reading →

Inherited IRA Funding Scenario

Last week, I shared how the SECURE Act creates an opportunity for an Asset Care solution. Today, I plan to share with you an example of how this situation might prove to be beneficial to the family members inheriting IRA proceeds. Before I get rolling, I want to remind you that this continues the qualified... Continue Reading →


The first Tuesday of every month, Michael Florio and I host our webcast - LTC Coffee Break. This past episode, we discussed using qualified money as a funding source for long term care insurance. You can catch our most recent release and access our library of past shows at our website at or just CLICK HERE... Continue Reading →

More Than One Way To Pay

One thing that we always discuss from a planning perspective is how will you pay. How will you pay for care if it is needed ? How will you pay if you have to provide care yourself? How will you pay the premium for your policy? As Harley Gordon says, every decision has consequences. And,... Continue Reading →


Over the past several weeks as part of the Leading Tomorrow with OneAmerica speaker Series, we have heard from experts who talked about aging, longevity, and working / communicating with clients. Here is a little something that I want you to chew on - longevity. Let me pose this question. You (or some other professional)... Continue Reading →

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