OneAmerica Marketing Store

The OneAmerica Marketing Store (OAMS) is a cloud-based platform that allows you to "self-service" your Care Solutions marketing. This can be done anywhere - anytime. OAMS makes it easy to find, personalize, store, distribute and measure your marketing communications—in one location. OAMS supports a variety of content types, including direct mail, email, brochures, sales ideas, … Continue reading OneAmerica Marketing Store

Q & A – marketing campaign

Question: You have a ton of producer facing marketing material.  Is there anything that I can use with consumers? Answer: Absolutely.  We have a boatload of consumer materials as well.  These are not limited to product pieces.  Our material includes PowerPoints, social media content, scripts for calls or interviews, email text, and more. To find this, you … Continue reading Q & A – marketing campaign