Don’t Accept the Default Plan

Let me ask you a quick question.  What’s a better … executing a plan or relying on the luck? You know the answer – executing a plan.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for most people.  If you recall from the OneAmerica Consumer Sentiment Survey that we released last November, one revelation was that consumers doubt... Continue Reading →

On the road again

This week’s FWF will be brief. Why is that?  I’m on the road and time is limited.  Speaking of on the road, once again, OneAmerica is blanketing the country with regional meetings.  As we did last year, the whole objective is to provide agents and advisors with enough information about OneAmerica and the Care Solutions... Continue Reading →

An Old Idea – Split Annuity

We have been on the tax-deferred to tax-free for LTC train for the past few weeks.  It all started with our March episode of Coffee Break.  If you have not seen that episode yet, please take a moment.  I am sure that you’ll get a nugget or two of information from it.  Remember, a new... Continue Reading →

Does It Qualify

A couple of weeks ago on Coffee Break, we shared information about Annuity Care and, in last week’s Fridays with Fisher, I talked about the segment of the tax-code that creates the tax-free benefits offered by Annuity Care. One thing that I often hear is “XYZ indexed annuity includes long term care benefits”.  As I... Continue Reading →

Qualified Money & Leverage

A few weeks ago on Coffee Break, we talked about our turnkey funding strategy for Asset Care using qualified money.  We’ve generated a lot of calls into the sales desk and we thank you for questions and the opportunity to discuss our truly unique strategy. Way back when I first started in the insurance industry... Continue Reading →

Qualified Money & Asset Care

Earlier this month on Coffee Break, we discussed using long term care as a funding source for long term care.  If you have not had a chance to check it out, please do. Remember, qualified money is rolled over into a qualified deferred annuity with OneAmerica.  Upon receipt of the proceeds from the rollover, OneAmerica... Continue Reading →

Asset Care with & without ROP

Our discussion for the past couple weeks has been focused on Asset Care and the Return of Premium product solution.  Today, we will piggy back off of the previous discussions and I’ll share with you a conversation that I had with an advisor a short time ago. Before we get into it, if you have... Continue Reading →

ICE & 4 Ls From Niki Johnson

A couple weeks ago on Coffee Break, I was joined by Jen Wagoner, Elaine Marvin, and Niki Johnson to share some perspectives about our Asset Care Return of Premium product.  If you have not seen the January Coffee Break, you can check it out here.  Or, you go to the website where you can... Continue Reading →

Moving on from 2022

2022 is almost history.  For some, it is good riddance. For others, there are fond memories.  No matter how you slice it time rolls on and 2023 is upon us. Before we roll into the new year, I want to remind you of a few things for 2022 that might prove to be useful in... Continue Reading →

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