Indexed Annuity Care Compare

Yesterday, Michael Florio and I hosted a meeting at The Hartford Club where we focused exclusively on the Indexed Annuity Care product. A reminder, in Connecticut, it is the only PPA compliant deferred annuity; nationally, it is the only PPA compliant fixed indexed annuity. What that means is - when benefits are paid from the... Continue Reading →

Indexed Annuity Care

Alright - it's time for me to demand your attention. I've been polite long enough and people just are not listening. Your annuity clients are sitting on a long term care time bomb if they are planning to use their annuity money as a funding source. It is a fact - according to a Gallup... Continue Reading →

Underwriting Rated Cases

Last week, I made a bold statement that EVERYONE wants the "layup" business where the clients are in good health and can be moved through underwriting based upon a phone interview. It's true - anyone can do that. What is also true is that OneAmerica chooses to offer solutions to more people because OneAmerica is... Continue Reading →

Qualified Money & Annuity Care

For almost 2 years now, my friend and colleague Michael Florio and I have produced our LTC Coffee Break webcast. We drop a new episode every Tuesday at 10 am at Lately, we've decided to jump into our mailbag and answer questions from our viewers. This week's question was - can qualified money be... Continue Reading →

OneAmerica Resources

Earlier this week, we hosted our first virtual Care Solutions University of 2021. If you are unfamiliar with Care Solutions University, it is immersion training for the OneAmerica Care Solutions suite of asset-based long term care products and services. Last year, due to the pandemic, Care Solutions University moved to the virtual realm from an... Continue Reading →

Riverboat or Yacht

Yesterday, I shared a video that I shot from the banks of the Savannah River. While it was somewhat "lame", the intent is to illustrate an analogy that I have heard a few folks use regarding deferred annuities. Riverboat or Yacht? Simply - the question that is asked to advisors is "are you talking to... Continue Reading →

More Than One Way To Pay

One thing that we always discuss from a planning perspective is how will you pay. How will you pay for care if it is needed ? How will you pay if you have to provide care yourself? How will you pay the premium for your policy? As Harley Gordon says, every decision has consequences. And,... Continue Reading →

Something To Chew On

For the past few weeks, we have been discussing longevity issues on Fridays with Fisher and as a part of the Leading Tomorrow with OneAmerica speaker series. I want to expand that discussion a little bit and challenge you to consider some scenarios. A few months ago, I shared some information in a Fridays with... Continue Reading →

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