Asset Care Premium Reduction

That's right - you heard me ... Asset Care premiums will be decreased for the second time in 2022. This will be effective December 9, 2022. New rates will not be available to illustrate until that date. Here are the funding strategies being impacted: Single Premium, including Single Premium Drop In Rider, Recurring premium 5-pay... Continue Reading →

An Idea From My Dad

Let me lead off with where I ended last week .... Give me a call with your next LTC case. At worst, I will confirm whether we can compete and win or not. At best, you have options that you might not have known about. I firmly believe that we can do more for you... Continue Reading →

Something For Nothing

The saying that you can't get something for nothing is true. Contrary to the saying, there is always some form of exchange or compromise that takes place. Our job is to deliver a strategy to our clients where the compromises that they make are not filled with regret. That regret can com in many forms... Continue Reading →

A Plug for Asset Based LTC

I don't claim to be unbiased. I admit that I have an agenda. I want you to address your client's long term care funding needs using the products that my company (OneAmerica) produces and distributes (Asset Care and Annuity Care). That is my agenda - I want your business. That is why I share ideas... Continue Reading →

Qualified Money & Annuity Care

For almost 2 years now, my friend and colleague Michael Florio and I have produced our LTC Coffee Break webcast. We drop a new episode every Tuesday at 10 am at Lately, we've decided to jump into our mailbag and answer questions from our viewers. This week's question was - can qualified money be... Continue Reading →

3 Client Profiles

Earlier this month, Michael Florio and I shared some ideas about why advisors should include LTC funding as part of their client conversations. Last week, we reiterated that point. I am going to piggyback on this week's LTC Coffee Break Espresso Shot where Michael shared a little on who should be party to the LTC... Continue Reading →

Start 2022 Knowing WHO

It is the start of another new year. Hopefully, this year plays out better than the past two years have. But, only time will tell. For 21 months, Michael Florio and I have produced a weekly webcast LTC Coffee Break where we share ideas and information about long term care with a focus on the... Continue Reading →

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