Maximizing Your Annuity

I’ve been riding this topic hard for the last few months and for a good reason!  One of the best funding sources for long term care comes from nonqualified deferred annuities! And, with the unofficial start of summer a few days ago, we all know that now is not the time to take the foot... Continue Reading →

Self-funding Cap

Last week, I started a conversation about self-funding a long term care and I shared a few examples of potential future costs.  As a reminder, OneAmerica offers an  Interactive Cost of Care Map that can help you find the cost of care anywhere in the country.  It’s a great tool to have on your mobile... Continue Reading →

Self-funding Consider the Costs

There are lots of perspectives about long term care and how to pay for it.  An insurance-based strategy is the most cost efficient method regardless of what someone’s net worth. Unfortunately, many people make the decision to self-fund their long term care.  This week, let’s use some numbers to compare the scenarios.  I am going... Continue Reading →

On the road again

This week’s FWF will be brief. Why is that?  I’m on the road and time is limited.  Speaking of on the road, once again, OneAmerica is blanketing the country with regional meetings.  As we did last year, the whole objective is to provide agents and advisors with enough information about OneAmerica and the Care Solutions... Continue Reading →

An Old Idea – Split Annuity

We have been on the tax-deferred to tax-free for LTC train for the past few weeks.  It all started with our March episode of Coffee Break.  If you have not seen that episode yet, please take a moment.  I am sure that you’ll get a nugget or two of information from it.  Remember, a new... Continue Reading →

Does It Qualify

A couple of weeks ago on Coffee Break, we shared information about Annuity Care and, in last week’s Fridays with Fisher, I talked about the segment of the tax-code that creates the tax-free benefits offered by Annuity Care. One thing that I often hear is “XYZ indexed annuity includes long term care benefits”.  As I... Continue Reading →

Qualified Money & Leverage

A few weeks ago on Coffee Break, we talked about our turnkey funding strategy for Asset Care using qualified money.  We’ve generated a lot of calls into the sales desk and we thank you for questions and the opportunity to discuss our truly unique strategy. Way back when I first started in the insurance industry... Continue Reading →

Qualified Money & Asset Care

Earlier this month on Coffee Break, we discussed using long term care as a funding source for long term care.  If you have not had a chance to check it out, please do. Remember, qualified money is rolled over into a qualified deferred annuity with OneAmerica.  Upon receipt of the proceeds from the rollover, OneAmerica... Continue Reading →

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