Moving on from 2022

2022 is almost history.  For some, it is good riddance. For others, there are fond memories.  No matter how you slice it time rolls on and 2023 is upon us. Before we roll into the new year, I want to remind you of a few things for 2022 that might prove to be useful in... Continue Reading →

Things We Keep

One thing for certain, insurance is about a promise - a promise to pay. But, it is really more than that - it is a promise that allows us to keep memories alive. This week on LTC Coffee Break, Michael Florio and I shared with you the new OneAmerica video called "The Things We Keep".... Continue Reading →

Lesson From WA state

Well, the Washington state deadline has passed (thankfully) and there were many lessons that should have been learned from it. I am not going to hammer any of the "big picture" learnings like the Washington elected leaders and bureaucrats developed a plan in a bubble. And, the opinions of the mandate aren't very favorable ...... Continue Reading →

More Resources For You

Last week, I shared with you a a recap of a few of the resources that Michael Florio and I discussed during our regional fall meetings. Today, I am sharing with you a NEW, fresh off the shelf, consumer campaign focusing on one of the core differentiators for OneAmerica - lifetime benefits. While the industry... Continue Reading →

Expand Your Client Base

This past week, I have fielded this one question more than any other.  I want to expand my client base (practice, outreach, etc), does OneAmerica have anything that I can use. The answer is yes.  Of course, you will need to check with your compliance folks to ensure that you can utilize these materials with... Continue Reading →

Virtual Consumer Seminar

It's been almost a year since we moved full scale into the virtual world. For some, it has been a simple transition. For others, it has been a major struggle. No matter where you fall in that spectrum, the virtual meeting that we have all come to love (or hate) is part of our business... Continue Reading →

Experience Care Solutions

For the past 3+ years, I have shared ideas with you on Fridays with Fisher and recently on LTC Coffee Break. Some have been good, some have been lame. But, the whole objective is to make you think about long term care solutions offered by OneAmerica. Today, I have a little something that you might... Continue Reading →

Speaker Series Launching

Earlier this week on LTC Coffee Break, we discussed shared with you our fourth quarter speaker series which is designed with you in mind. Starting on October 8, we will be delivering to you some of the top resources in the industry who share their insights and ideas on a host of subjects. Check out... Continue Reading →

Client Seminar Extended

At the end of June, Michael Florio and I decided to dip our toes in the waters of the virtual consumer seminar. We learned a lot and want to thank all of you who have participated in our effort. Given the positive feedback and the constraints that we are still feeling because of the pandemic,... Continue Reading →

A Producer Conversation

Earlier this week during our weekly LTC Coffee Break broadcast, spoke with a producer from North Carolina - Al Hyde.  Our lead off question was simply "what is your target market". Not surprisingly, Al shared that with us that his conversations with people ranged in age from the middle forties to the middle eighties with... Continue Reading →

Client Seminar – Tuesdays at 7

Last week, I shared a demo of our consumer seminar - The Great Retirement Income Gap with you. "The Great Retirement Income Gap" consumer webcast will be offered every Tuesday evening at 7 pm (eastern) starting on June 30 and running until August 25.  As with the demo, the "virtual consumer seminar" will be in... Continue Reading →

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