Duration of Protection

It frustrates me to no end when “an expert” declares that anything more than a few years is overkill and a waste of money.

Really?  Are those folks able to look in a crystal ball and read the future for their client and with 100% certainty say that an extended healthcare event will not exceed the benefit period selected?

I understand that there is no way to determine who, where, when, why, how long, or whether someone will receive extended healthcare (LTC) services.  But isn’t it our responsibility to, at least, prepare for a potential illness or impairment?

If we are working in the best interest of our clients, shouldn’t we consider their wants and needs before making a product recommendation?  Shouldn’t that conversation include an understanding of their concerns and experiences that they have had BEFORE determining a solution?

Shouldn’t those discussions include a little understanding of their family history where both longevity and long duration maladies such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other forms of cognitive impairments are considered?

Doesn’t it sound a bit weak to recommend a solution that is limited in duration when the client is concerned about a catastrophic long duration event?

My question is – why is everyone playing the averages when they should be developing a plan that aligns with their client’s wants?

With the Care Solutions portfolio, not only can we provide a solution with virtually any funding source, we can cover a long term care event of any duration.  From 2 years to unlimited lifetime benefits, the Care Solutions portfolio allows for plans to be designed to align with client’s wants, needs, and objectives.



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