Claims Concierge Video

Care Solutions from OneAmerica has provided LTC benefits for nearly 30 years.  (If you didn’t know that, you either haven’t heard me speak or I blasted through that so fast that you never caught it.)  Not many carriers in the linked benefit / asset-based LTC / hybrid space can say that.  In fact, there is only one other peer that has a similar duration of commitment.

What is the purpose of a long term care solution?  Obviously, it is protection from the impact of an extended healthcare event.

What is the one thing that is rarely discussed with clients / consumers / policy holders?  It is claims.  We will discuss what the policy provides but we rarely discuss what is behind that protection.  Well, here is a little ditty for you … check out our Claims Concierge video.

Claims Concierge Video 

Just a final note – this is consumer approved.

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