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As we have been navigating through this complicated time, one consumer concern that has been brought up often is the desire to maintain liquidity for an emergency.  This has led to inaction where the LTC exposure is not addressed or a funding strategy where recurring premium strategy is used to fund Asset Care.

Did you know that Asset Care has a full return of premium plan design?

It is true – 100% of the premium for an Asset Care policy can be available at any time with the Asset Care Return of Premium product design.  This design is limited to 100 month benefit plan designs and is not available for rated policies, but it offers full liquidity from the day the policy is issued.

Consider this scenario – your clients have become more conservative due to the turbulent economy and events unfolding around us.  They want to secure a long term care solution and require maximum liquidity from all of their resources. 

Or, your client owns a small business and needs to retain maximum liquidity.  Using this strategy, she can secure LTC protection, maintain liquidity, and (depending upon how her company is structured) utilize company dollars as a funding source.

Remember, as with all Asset Care policies, this solution can be designed to include inflation, can be written as an individual or joint policy, and has every element of it guaranteed.

For more information on Asset Care Return of Premium, please contact Justin Fox at or at (844) 658-3725 or reach out to me via email at or by voice/text at (678) 512-9627.

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