True Look at Impact of LTC

This video has made its way around the web and has been shared on LinkedIn a bit. If you have not see it yet, it is a must watch.

A true look at the impact of an LTC event

In short, the difference between triumph and tragedy is a thin line.  It involves: Having had a conversation with your family and having a plan.

And – HOPE is not a Plan.  Hope has a cost also; have you thought about it or calculated the cost of doing nothing?

And, remember, a plan is just the starting point. Having a funded plan can help reduce the burden.

Some people position LTC insurance as an “investment” while in reality, LTC insurance is a purchase of a “Lifestyle” protection for the client and their family.

Some of the awards this video has won:

  • Discover Film Awards 2018 – Winner Best Micro Drama
  • Kinsale Shark Awards 2018 – Winner Best Writing
  • Kinsale Shark Awards 2018 – Nominee Best Film
  • FilmBath IMDB New Filmmaker Award 2018 – Nominee 

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