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If you have been paying attention these last few weeks, Michael Florio and I have taken to the road to share our LTC Coffee Break discussion and share the OneAmerica story. If you were able to join us – thank you.

In the event that you could not join us and would like an in-person or virtual meeting, please give me a shout at (678) 512-9627. I’d love to review our long term care funding solutions with you.

Last week, I shared a high-level overview of those options. Today, I want to share with you a couple of points that we made during our conversations.

The first is that OneAmerica is the only asset-based LTC carrier to offer true joint coverage where you can insure both spouses on one policy. AND, that can work with Asset Care or Annuity Care.

Next, only OneAmerica offers lifetime benefits. Stating the obvious, that means that your clients cannot outlive their plan.

Finally, the OnceAmerica Care Solutions portfolio allows for underwriters to find ways to provide LTC funding benefits. As a reminder, Asset Care can be rated to table 8 and if Asset Care cannot be offered, our underwriters will automatically look to an Annuity Care product to see if that can be offered.

Now, here is a little something to think about …

  • Anyone can do short duration benefits (2 or 3 years). Heck, everyone in the asset based arena offers moderate duration but limited benefits (6 or 7 years). Only OneAmerica offers lifetime benefits.
  • Another point to remember is that a policy with joint and lifetime benefits will not run short on benefits. It is unlimited duration and only OneAmerica offers them.
  • Everyone (including OneAmerica) offers a table-shave where table 4 or better receives preferred or standard rates. Only OneAmerica offers table ratings or an option to pivot to an annuity-based solution.

Why do I repeat this?

Because so many people insist that average is acceptable. Average is ONLY acceptable when your clients tell you that. And, you will never know unless you ask.

So, the opportunity is in front of you to address your clients concerns – short duration, intermediate duration, or long duration. And, ONLY OneAmerica can help you meet their needs.

Schedule a meeting (virtual or in-person) to discuss how Care Solutions can address your client’s extended healthcare funding concerns – contact me at (678) 512-9627 or via email at

Do you have product questions or need an illustration? Call Justin Fox at (844) 658-3725 or email at

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