Q&A – Alternatives to Phone Interview

Question: I have experienced issues with the whole “ticket” process where I submit an application (Part I) and your vendor completes the remainder of the process.  Is there a way to iron out the problems and get business moving?

Answer: Yes, there is a “work around” to this issue.  But first, I want to apologize for the less than satisfactory experience that our clients, producers, and BGAs have experienced.  There are issues with our vendor that we are working to address.  Unfortunately, the resolution has not been as quick as we would like.

Simply, you are trying to cut our vendor out of the cycle as much as possible and moving into the full underwriting process.  Here is how you would make this happen:

New Asset Care product:

  • Complete the Part II, including necessary supplements (ie: alcohol, drug, etc).
  • Age and amount guidelines apply, so additional requirements are dependent upon the traditional underwriting chart.

*For new product, without an interview we cannot consider for an expedited decision; full underwriting would apply.

Old Asset Care product ONLY:

  • Do not complete the medical questions on the application
  • Clients would complete a paramed exam, blood, urine if under 60
  • Clients would complete a Senior LTC exam, blood, urine if 60 or over

*These items replace the LTCG interview. Keep in mind after review, full underwriting could be required (ie: APSs).

In both instances it is very important the writing agent includes a cover letter that the clients want to forego an interview. This will help us in handling appropriately. For what it’s worth, there are still several hundred “old product” cases with interviews pending so this could still be useful to note that it is for the new Asset Care product.

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