Asset Care Recap of Highlights

Since the roll out of our new Asset Care products over the summer, many of our current producers have been pleased by the new opportunities that have been created.

Here are a few reminders:

1.) Our qualified money solution has been enhanced and rebuilt to maximize the long term care benefits while minimizing taxes.  It also has a new funding strategy that includes a 20% bonus and 10 pay funding strategy. You will find the ability to use IRA money to fund hybrid LTC to open up many more opportunities than cash alone.

2.) For those of you who want to include inflation in your solutions, there are now 3 inflation options available. Uncapped (as previously offered), capped at 20 years, and no inflation.  Here is something new – in every state, inflation can be included on the base policy as well as the continuation of benefit or it can be applied only to the continuation of benefit rider.

3.) We now offer a single premium drop in rider that allows you to drop in a lump sum (cash or 1035) up to $100,000 during the first six months.  This will have the net effect of providing paid up benefits in the policy and is quick way to supercharge a policy.  It can also be used as a method of reducing premiums.

There are other enhancements such as 0 day wait for home health care, a 5-pay premium option, a waiver of premium that is built-in the recurring premium product, and a 100% return of premium solution.

And, remember, Asset Care accommodates more funding strategies, offers more benefit durations than any of our peers (including lifetime benefits), and is the only asset-based LTC solution that provides joint benefits.

For more information, illustrations, or assistance – please contact Justin Fox at

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