OneAmerica Marketing Store

The OneAmerica Marketing Store (OAMS) is a cloud-based platform that allows you to “self-service” your Care Solutions marketing.

This can be done anywhere – anytime.

OAMS makes it easy to find, personalize, store, distribute and measure your marketing communications—in one location. OAMS supports a variety of content types, including direct mail, email, brochures, sales ideas, banner stands, presentations, workbooks, cards, social and more!

There are many reasons to become familiar with and use the OAMS:

  • It’s Free! Using the OneAmerica Marketing Stores is available at no charge to select users. All digital items and many of the printed materials are free.
  • It’s Easy. Simply log-in and immediately access the various features and material, on day one.
  • It’s Fast. Consumer content is state pre-approved. Check the file descriptions for which states apply.
  • Brand it to You.  Many collateral items can be personalized in seconds, with your information, head shot and/or logo.
  • Market More Efficiently. Through the email and mail merge components, you communicate to many with the ease of a single campaign. Who receives it, and when, is completely up to you.
  • Target Your Communications. The robust Contact Management feature allows you to segment your lists and highly target who receives your message―digitally via email or physically via direct mail.
  • Results Matter. OAMS provides key email metrics so you can see how your campaigns are performing. You’ll know key indicators like sends, views, and clicks.

Contact Justin Fox at to get more information.

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