Integrate Social Media

Imagine sharing an idea, or image, or story with your social media followers (posting to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)  regularly and without having to develop the content.

According to Blue Fountain Media, “90% of marketers claimed that social media generated immense exposure for their company.”

When executed properly, a social media campaign can:

  • increase awareness of your brand
  • generate more inbound traffic
  • improve your brand loyalty and outreach
  • provide a platform to share information

In my case, I utilize my social media accounts to stay connected to my family, friends, clients, and colleagues on a personal level and share ideas and opportunities on a business level.  My rule of thumb is that Facebook is for personal use; LinkedIn is all business; and Twitter bounces both ways but is more oriented toward business.

Last  month on my webcast, I shared some  social media, email, and video/webcast tips and tools as well as OneAmerica specific tools. You can get an on-demand replay at my GoToStage Channel.

If you are consumer facing, Facebook may be your best bet.  I stumbled across a statistic somewhere earlier today that said that the average Facebook user logs in 6 times per day.  SIX TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you have 100 followers, that is 600 opportunities to connect.

At OneAmerica, we offer social media content that aligns with all three of these platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter).  And, you can access it by simply logging in to your OneSource Online account and going to the OA Marketing Store if you are an appointed producer.  If you are not appointed with OneAmerica, you can also obtain this content however, you will need to contact me directly at

If you are looking for ideas to help “relaunch business”, join my webcast on June 4 at 11 am eastern where I will share some ideas that might augment your efforts.

As part of my marketing effort, I post every day to LinkedIn and randomly using Twitter.  I have done this  for two years to promote my “Fridays with Fisher” weekly eblast and Central Hub.  I’ve used this approach to expand my brand and share ideas.  And it works!   I am also employing the same strategy with LTC Coffee Break which Michael Florio and I host every Tuesday morning at 10am.

Remember, the purpose for being a part of the social media fracas is to increase your market presence and brand awareness which ultimately can lead to new business.

With that in mind, OneAmerica has developed a full multi-format campaign to not just share information and expand your brand, but to draw interest and promote an upcoming event.  On June 23 at 3 (eastern), join Michael Florio and me as we share the “Great Retirement Income Gap” consumer presentation which includes a full social media campaign to augment the conversation.  

If you would like to learn more about what we at OneAmerica can do to assist your social media and other marketing efforts, please contact me via email at or by voice/text at (678) 512-9627.


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