The Consumer Seminar/Webinar

Love them or hate them – consumer seminars are a tool that can be used to share information, generate leads, and expand your brand.

At OneAmerica, we offer a full package for consumer seminars.  One of our more popular presentations is “The Great Retirement Income Gap”.  Here is something to think about – a consumer seminar does not have to be “in-person”, it could be a “virtual” presentation using Zoom, GoToMeeting, or some other webcast service.

Join me along with Michael Florio on Tuesday, June 23 at 3pm eastern when we share the full “Great Retirement Income Gap” consumer presentation with you.

There are a few important elements that should be common sense when executing anything that is consumer facing.  The most important being the attendees – you cannot do anything with out them.  Your biggest sale from any seminar is not the solution but the seminar itself.

Remember, everyone needs a call to action and should connect on the WIIFM level.  WIIFM being “what’s in it for me”.  I cannot stress this enough, your top priority is to fill the seats.

We have tools to assist in promoting your seminar (email, social media, hard copy).  Ultimately it comes down to you executing a strategy and, most importantly, reaching out to contact those folks who have committed to attending or to those people who you believe MUST attend.  In either case, this becomes a contact sport!

Contact sport as in you need to make contact with them.  And, the best tool is your telephone.

It does no good to ship out 100 invitations and not make an effort to confirm and/or “recruit” attendees.  Sure, it sounds time consuming and “old fashioned”, but it works.

Ultimately, the effort that you put in shows through the number of people that participate in your meeting/webcast.  Like everything else, it is a numbers game and it is something that you must do.

Remember, this is one potential tool that will provide you with an opportunity to connect and reconnect with your clients as you “relaunch”.  I’ll be sharing other ideas on my webcast on June 4 at 11 am.

Your attendees are vital.  Make sure that they are the right people.  It won’t do you any good to have a long term care discussion with people who are in their early 30s and looking for college funding strategies nor will it do any good to include older clients who may be unable to qualify for a solution due to health or wealth limitations.

The ultimate measure of your success is not necessarily the business you derive directly from an attendee.  It could be measured by an introduction that an attendee makes to a family member, friend, or associate.  So, don’t measure success solely on sales and certainly not after one seminar.  It takes time to build momentum and a system that yields the results that you seek.

To learn more about consumer seminar material and opportunities,  please contact me via email at or by voice/text at (678) 512-9627.

Just a reminder, every Tuesday morning at 10am (eastern and pacific), join Michael Florio and me for LTC Coffee Break where we share a conversation over a cup of coffee.

Or, you can catch up on past episodes of LTC Coffee Break at


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