A Producer Conversation

Earlier this week during our weekly LTC Coffee Break broadcast, spoke with a producer from North Carolina – Al Hyde.  Our lead off question was simply “what is your target market”.

Not surprisingly, Al shared that with us that his conversations with people ranged in age from the middle forties to the middle eighties with a bulk coming in the 60 to 75 range.  All of this plays into our Care Solutions portfolio where we can write up to age 80 with Asset Care and 85 with Annuity Care.

Another suggestion that he made to advisors is “don’t be afraid to ask questions about finances … if you do not know what your clients have in their portfolio, you will waste their time and your time.”

With that last statement in mind, one thing that Michael and I have learned is that there are many agents, brokers, advisor, producers who are uncomfortable (for one reason or another) of having the long term care / extended healthcare conversation with their clients.  Well, we have a  couple of solutions.

Option 1 – let us start the ball rolling with our virtual consumer seminar.  Every Tuesday up to Labor Day – Michael and I offer “the Great Retirement Income Gap” virtual consumer seminar at 7 p.m. eastern.  This is a 25 minute discussion directed to consumers about long term care where we share some basic information and a call to action of “please contact your advisor to discuss your specific solution” – we do not make recommendations or discuss any product solutions.

Here is a link to the producer demo video …


Option 2 – you do the work and learn our virtual consumer seminar material.  Some people (and I am one of them) believe that “if you don;t do it, you won’t know it.”  So, here is our offer to you.  We will provide you with the full content of the virtual consumer seminar in order for you to share the message any time that you want.  All you have to do to make this happen is give me a call or shoot me an email.

Stay tuned, Michael and I are tuning up our virtual consumer seminar program and,  in a few short weeks, will be rolling our virtual consumer seminar 2.0.  It will offer more promotional support, additional topics, and include a playbook to help you.

Finally, here is another shameless reminder.  You can join Michael and me for a Coffee Break.  We launch a new episode every Tuesday at 10 am and have the LTC Coffee Break Channel open 24/7.


And, just another reminder that “The Great Retirement Income Gap” consumer webcast takes place every Tuesday evening at 7 pm (eastern) is running until August 25.  The link below will take you to the registration link for the actual seminar.

Please, drop me an email at kevin.fisher@oneamerica.com for more information

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