Use Income to Fund Asset Care

You hear it all the time – the best leverage that you can get is from an insurance policy that you pay on a monthly basis. (Did you know that we can do that with Asset Care?)

You’ve also heard that the biggest frustration that people have (or had) with traditional long term care policies is the non-guaranteed nature of their premiums. (Time will be the ultimate judge for the pricing for newer series of traditional long term care insurance products.)

Well, Asset Care using the recurring premium strategy can deliver both a monthly premium structure and guaranteed premiums payable out to age 95. There are also single premium, 5-pay, 10-pay, and 20-pay options available.

But none of this is what I want to talk about today. I want to plant a seed to go along with my LTC Coffee Break conversation from earlier this week with Michael Florio about a funding opportunity for recurring premiums.

For your client who owns a fixed indexed annuity or variable annuity with an income rider AND is in the position where that income is not going to be utilized, consider “turning it on” and using those monies to fund their Asset Care policy.

Want more information? Contact either Justin Fox via email at or phone at (844) 658-3725, or you can reach me by email at or call/text at (678) 512-9627.

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