Expand Your Client Base

This past week, I have fielded this one question more than any other. 

I want to expand my client base (practice, outreach, etc), does OneAmerica have anything that I can use.

The answer is yes.  Of course, you will need to check with your compliance folks to ensure that you can utilize these materials with your clients, but we have things that can help you.

One thing that a lot of people who ask the question do not utilize social media as a tool to reach out and connect with their clients, prospects, or colleagues. They use it as a way to stay connected with friends and family.  Well, consider extending your branding to include social media. 

The OneAmerica Marketing Store has a library of content that you can use with your social media.  And, that content can be shared with you to post using your own content management tool like Buffer or Hootsuite.  Or, you can work with one of our marketing gurus to manage your social media campaign using the OneAmerica Marketing Store.

The social media platforms that we support are LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. 

Do you want to take it one step further?  Use content form the OneAmerica Marketing Store to promote a consumer event (live or in-person).  I have used some of the invitations from the Marketing Store to promote the Great Retirement Income Gap virtual consumer seminar that I offer every Tuesday evening at 7pm.  (To learn more about that, go to LTCcoffeebreak.com/virtual-consumer-seminar.)

Not only do we provide invitations (social media, e-mail, snail mail) and the presentation, but workbooks and follow-up material are available. 

Depending upon how heavily you want to promote your business and which platform (or platforms) that you wish to use, the OneAmerica Marketing Store is a resource that you can use to expand your marketing efforts.  And, here is the best part, it is FREE!

For more information, contact Rosalind Montgomery at Rosalind.montgomery@oneamerica.com and at (317) 285-4335 or you can reach out to me at (678) 512-9627 or via email at kevin.fisher@oneamerica.com.

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