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In this week’s LTC Coffee Break Espresso Shot, I shared a video promoting our Claims Concierge program which is available with every Care Solutions policy ever written by OneAmerica.


Here is how OneAmerica® Care Solutions Claims Concierge works:

  • When a policyholder needs extended care, call us first. The sooner you call, the sooner we can start answering questions and processing the claim.
  • We’ll assign a Care Specialist  to help complete the required forms.
  • A Care Specialist will communicate on the policyholder’s behalf with doctors and other care providers to gather all of the necessary information.
  • Along with answering your questions, your  dedicated Care Specialist is available to offer support and guidance throughout the claims process.

A few points to remember when it comes to filing a claim with OneAmerica are:

  1. the policyholder does not need to be receiving care in order to initiate a claim – they may be freshly diagnosed with care impending,
  2. the policy holder does not need to contact OneAmerica® in order to initiate a claim – their Power of Attorney, spouse, children, or sibling could initiate the claim, and
  3. a claim can be initiate by a phone call, an email, or via snail mail.

As a reminder, we provide every policyholder access to our Claims Concierge.  And, our Step by Step Guide to Receiving Care is an outstanding resource that should be left with the policy at the time of delivery.

Do you have product questions or need an illustration? Call Justin Fox at (844) 658-3725 or email at

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