Leading off 2023

Happy New Year!

Just a reminder, we have made a couple of adjustments to the Care Solutions distribution model. It is pretty basic, but I want to repeat this for you.

Justin Fox and I will be your Care Solutions wholesaling team.  It is our responsibility to partner with you to support you and your agents regardless of where they are located. 

My role as your Regional Account Director is to provide you with sales and marketing support and ideas, product training, agency meetings, assist you as necessary with clients, and a bunch more.  Most importantly, when something starts bending in the wrong direction, I can help as an advocate with the home office.  I just need you to bring me into the loop as I do not track cases.

My internal, Justin Fox, provide you with illustration assistance, systems training, product questions, and can help guide you navigate the home office.  You can directly contact him at (844) 658-3725 and justinfox.isp@oneamerica.com  

Case management is handled by a dedicated team of Care Solutions case managers.  Once a policy is submitted, and up to the point the your commission is paid, the case manager manages the business.  Case managers are assigned when the policy is received in house. If you are not aware of how to track and manage your cases using our Online Service portal, please contact Justin Fox.

A couple of quick things to get the year rolling.

First –every week, I will share an idea, information, or something to just think about in my Fridays with Fisher weekly email.  If you would like to check out any of my past posts, just go to https://fridayswithfisher.com   If you have colleagues that you thing would benefit, feel free to point them to fridayswithfisher.com or share the subscription link that you see here –  https://fwf.m-pages.com/gwvPQ2/fwf-join 

Next, once a month, I produce my Coffee Break webcast which airs the second Tuesday of every month at 10am on LTCcoffeebreak.com

Remember, the home page for Coffee Break serves as a hub for the webcast and includes the full 100+ episode library. 

Check out the most recent episode by clicking the image.

Finally, here is my offer (or challenge to you).  It is time for advisors and agents to take a look at their books of business as well as prospect and suspect lists. In that exercise, identifying those people who are between 55 and 80, in decent health, and have done a reasonably good job of accumulating retirement assets will generate a list of opportunities for extended healthcare (LTC) planning. 

The most important part of the exercise comes now. I want you to call me to review the opportunities and discuss putting together a strategy to educate and inspire them into working with you.

My job is to help you help them.

One last thing – thanks, as always, for taking time for me.

A final reminder, you can contact me at kevin.fisher@oneamerica.com or you can call me at (678) 512-9627.

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