Moving on from 2022

2022 is almost history.  For some, it is good riddance. For others, there are fond memories.  No matter how you slice it time rolls on and 2023 is upon us.

Before we roll into the new year, I want to remind you of a few things for 2022 that might prove to be useful in your 2023 efforts.

The first thing that you will want to consider reviewing is our consumer survey that we conducted in conjunction with Hanover Research.  It provides a good starting point to understand consumer sentiment toward long term care and long term care planning.  Follow this link to the OneAmerica Consumer Survey landing page …

Remember, the past might be a forecast for the future.  Last year at this time the Washington state CARES Act (state-sponsored long term care funding) led to a surge of business across the insurance industry which led to massive issues.  Today, there are a dozen states with similar legislation on the table.  Learn more about what these state (which include New York, Pennsylvania, and California) are considering.  Take 20 minutes and listen to my conversation with Jen Wagoner about this effort in the LTC Coffee Break episode below.

One mistake that I find a lot of people make is that they do not have a plan.  This is a very broad statement and it applies to more than just my line of business (long term care funding).  Before jumping into a product discussion, learn about what your client’s plan is.  Who, what, where, and how it will work.  Our OneAmerica Step-by-Step Guide To Receiving LTC booklet is an excellent tool to help with that conversation.

One thing that too few people have taken advantage of from OneAmerica is the marketing programs and opportunities.  Here are a few things that are available to you at no cost.

  1. OneAmerica’s Interactive Cost of Care Map
  2. Experience Care Solutions landing page customized with your contact information
  3. Consumer seminars and support
  4.  Marketing programs and customized campaigns from the OneAmerica Marketing store (check out a few examples on our campaign website)

And, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Most importantly, remember this – over the past year, Asset Care has reduced premiums twice.  This is a reflection of the interest rate environment that we are experiencing. 

You have the tools available to you going into 2023 to address clients’ long term care planning and funding needs. 

Let’s talk about what we can do together. You can contact me at or you can call me at (678) 512-9627.

And, as always, thanks for taking time for me.

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