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Earlier this week, I released a new episode of Coffee Break focusing on the Asset Care Return of Premium product.  Jen Wagoner, Niki Johnson, and Elaine Marvin joined me to share their perspectives on the product.  Please, grab yourself a cup of coffee and take a few minutes to hear what they shared.

If you have not seen the January Coffee Break, you can check it out here

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Remember, a new episode premiers the second Tuesday of each month.

I want to lead off with something that Elaine shared in this week’s episode.  It’s the concept of repositioning and, frankly, something that we often lose sight of when we talk about long term care and on a bigger scale retirement planning.

Her example was simply moving money from the left pocket to the right pocket.  The left pocket represents a safe liquid environment like a CD or money market account while the right pocket represented the liquid and leveraged benefits of Asset Care ROP.

Now, this same concept applies whether it is the Asset Care Return of Premium product, some other variation of Asset Care, or one of the Annuity Care products.  The concept is repositioning those monies that the client has identified as their healthcare emergency fund into a more efficient vehicle for use when they need it – for a healthcare emergency.

What we are trying to do is identify and carve out that bucket of money that our client’s will use for their long term care if they need it.  By moving into a more efficient vehicle, the benefits include more than just the money being made available; they also impact taxes and benefits from other programs.

So, our simple example provides significant advantages.

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As always, thanks for taking a little bit of time for me.

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