Have a Plan

In 1990, I was 25 years old and working as the general manager for the largest independent produce distributor in New Hampshire.  It was a decent job that led me to a dead-end.  Where could I go in this small family-owned company?  The answer was obvious – nowhere.

One morning, I was covering a delivery route for one of our drivers when I ran into of my college roommates at a bakery in Hanover, NH (home to Dartmouth College).  Little did I know that day would have an impact on my future.

After a little catching up, Jeff (my college roommate) asked me one question that haunted me for a month.  “What’s your plan?”  It’s a question that chases me day in and day out; in all likelihood, it will until the day that I die.

In the context of our conversation, what’s my plan to address my career roadblock?  A few months later, I secured my insurance licenses, joined a large mutual life insurance company, and ran down the road trying to sell life insurance and annuities without knowing a damn thing.

Things have changed considerably from those days where I was wet behind the ears trying to figure out the world of insurance.  Today, I am where I want to be, doing what I want to do, and loving it!
One thing that has never left me is the mantra “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.” That quote is courtesy of Thomas Wolff the creator of the FNA (Financial Needs Analysis) tool.We have an opportunity to impact lives through planning.

Our commitment at OneAmerica is to  provide solutions that can positively impact lives – many live – and often over more than one generation.  We have developed workbook that focuses on planning for an extended healthcare event.  It is called the “Step by Step Guide to receiving long-term care”.

The content is organized in a manner that you can walk through with a client as part of a planning conversation.  It is not heavy in product or OneAmerica, but it is loaded with discussion-leading information.

Take a look at the “Step by Step Guide”.

It can help you have more meaningful extended healthcare planning meeting with your clients.13a9e474-e2a3-47cd-9a71-a24e8a908d22Step by Step Guide to LTC Claim

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