Joint Asset-Care

Asset-Care is a unique life insurance based long term care solution that can cover 2 people on 1 policy.  When coupled with our lifetime benefit option, Asset-Care has no equal.

The strategy is so leading edge that it sports patent number 6,584,446.

Simply, the Asset-Care joint strategy creates one pool of long term care benefits that can be shared between both insured.  This joint coverage provides more benefit for the same premium than two individual policies.

The basic parameters to secure a joint policy are:

  • both applicants must be insurable
  • the “age spread” can be no more than 25 years
  • and “insurable interest” must exist

Remember, joint Asset-Care will be medically underwritten and the amount of protection will be influenced by the applicants’ ages, genders, insurability, and duration of coverage, etc.

The below example demonstrates the value of a joint Asset-Care Policy.


CONSUMER Deep Dive into Joint Asset-Care

View the Pre-recorded Joint AssetCare Webcast

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