Set the Right Expectation – Underwriting

Something that  we do not discuss often enough is process. More specifically, the process to move things into and through underwriting.

One thing that we often face is health issues.  That is one thing that we do better than any of our asset based peers – underwrite and work with challenging health issues.  (Remember, Asset Care can be rated to table 8 for both morbidity and mortality.)

One major “difference maker” that we offer is our Pre-Underwriting Inquiry process which lets you contact the underwriter and get some underwriting guidance.

The pre-underwriting screening allows you to pre-screen clients prior to submitting a formal application.

This form (the PUI form) is vital to use, so that you can set the right expectations for your clients!

There is a quick turnaround when using the PUI form.  Generally, a response from underwriting occurs in less than 24 hours.

Based on the information provided, an underwriter will review the information and advise you how we would potentially look at a client.  The more information that is provided, the more likely we are to come in with a “solid” offer.  Remember, the assessment is not a binding offer – it is merely guidance and to be used to set an expectation.

You can also email the underwriting department with any information you have if you do not have the form. The underwriting department can be reached at

We suggest using this approach with all your clients with any health, height, or weight concerns.

This is a great opportunity to get a leg up and set the expectation from the beginning.

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