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First and foremost, I hope you and everyone in your family are safe and protecting your health. This is certainly an extraordinary time.

Originally, I was going to spend this month building up to a webcast where I shared case studies for Annuity Care.  I scrapped that idea after I asked myself – “who wants to listen to me talk about a product sales idea when we are all trying to adapt to the work model?”

With that decision, I decided to launch a second webcast with my counterpart Michael Florio where we grab a cup of coffee and talk about how we can navigate this challenging business environment.  Every Tuesday at 10 am eastern, we will broadcast the LTC Coffee Break.  We plan to continue every week until at least July 1.

Along with our weekly “LTC Coffee Break” webcast, I will continue my monthly focused webcast.  Join me on April 30 at 11am when I share a few tools from OneAmerica that you might find to be beneficial as we navigate these new waters. Some of you may incorporate them as a permanent part of your practice.

Now is a challenging time and we all need to operate differently than what we did a short time ago.  The single most important thing that we all need to do during this time is to not panic but to understand that we are worthless without our health.  Remember that it is imperative that you focus on your health by …

  • Following the guidelines for relative to “social distancing” and “social isolation”,
  • Washing your hands regularly,
  • Sanitizing surfaces regularly,
  • Eating healthy, taking your vitamins, and exercising every day, and
  • Being smart – if you feel sick, don’t go out; if you show symptoms, get medical attention.

This is a unique time for us all on every level.  Together we will pull through.

Just a reminder, I will be sharing a few OneAmerica tools on my April 30 webcast at 11am (eastern).

Follow the links below to listen to past recordings of:

LTC Coffee Break hosted by Michael Florio & Kevin Fisher

Fridays with Fisher Focused Webcasts

Stay safe – stay healthy.

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