New Year’s Challenge

Well, it is over. The mess of 2020 has ended and I, for one, am looking forward to getting started in 2021.

One thing for certain that 2020 gave us is that it forced us to “get outside of the box”. Think about how many times that you wrote that down as your goal or a stepping stone to achieving your goal. Well, “out of the box” was forced upon us.

And, those who accepted the challenge and adapted to the change managed to sustain their business and in some cases expand.

How did this happen? By accepting the challenge to incorporate technology into your business model. From virtual meeting platforms to email and social media campaigns to electronic application submission and policy delivery – technology became more essential.

At OneAmerica, we employ these tools and more.

Over the past year, you are heard about all of these as part of my weekly Fridays with Fisher e-blast and LTC Coffee Break.

One thing that I want to challenge you on for 2021 is to look for opportunities to provide long term care funding solutions without requiring your client to write a premium check.

Whoa! Time-out! What?

That is right – I am challenging you to produce a long term care funding strategy for your client that will not impact their income or increase their income taxes. So – that takes the standard solution of cutting a check off that table. It also eliminates taking distributions from qualified money and non-qualified deferred annuities.

So, what is the solution if I cannot use income, income producing capital, or qualified money?

That is your challenge to identify those monies. They do exist. Where is that funding source?

I have a couple of answers in mind. If you answer correctly, I will reward you with your very own LTC Coffee Break with Florio & Fisher coffee mug.

The official LTC Coffee Break mug

Submit your answer to with the subject line FWF Answer along with your answer and your physical mailing address where I can deliver your prize.

Remember the challenge – find a long term care premium funding source that does not come from income, income producing assets, or qualified money.

The answers will be revealed in the January 22 Fridays with Fisher email and at

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