Deep Dives

As the leader in asset based long term care, OneAmerica does not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to long term care funding.

From pay-as- you-go to annuities to qualified money to 1035 exchanges, the Care Solutions portfolio offers premium flexibility. On top of that, Care Solutions products can provide benefits for a limited duration or the lifetime of the insured – and anywhere in between. And, there is more – lots more.

Who – wait – TIME OUT! That’s a lot to handle!

That is why we have lined up our DEEP DIVE webcast series – to help you understand the Care Solutions portfolio.

These webcasts kick off on February 15 and are offered at 11 am (eastern) every other Friday. FOR A SCHEDULE OF TOPICS AND TO REGISTER – CLICK HERE

If you want a more broad perspective of long term care solutions provided by OneAmerica, you can join us for our bi-weekly webcast every other Friday at 11 am (eastern) commencing on January 8. TO REGISTER – CLICK HERE

Of course, both my internal sales partner Justin Fox and I are available to assist you with any of your questions. Justin can be reached at and at (844) 658-3725. And, I can be contacted by phone/text at (678) 512-9627 and

Last week I posed a challenge (actually a question) to you that still stands. Here it is: Name a long term care premium funding source that does not come from income, income producing assets, or qualified money.

If you answer correctly, I will reward you with your very own LTC Coffee Break with Florio & Fisher coffee mug. All you need to do is email me your answer with the subject line as FWF Answer.

I’ll share the answer in Fridays with Fisher on January 22.

The official LTC Coffee Break mug

A few more items that may be of interest to you – every Tuesday, Michael Florio and I share a cup of coffee and a conversation during our LTC Coffee Break. A new episode airs every Tuesday morning at 10 am (eastern).

And, every Tuesday evening at 7pm (eastern) , we offer our virtual consumer seminar. To learn more about the virtual consumer seminar check out the VCS landing page at

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Join me for the latest episode of LTC Coffee Break at
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Learn about our virtual consumer seminar

The ideas and information shared by Fridays with Fisher is for use by financial professionals and is not intended for distribution to the general public.

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