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As you know, I am on vacation this week. Actually, it will be no vacation as I am moving from our 200 year old historic home in Somers, CT to a newer home a few miles away. (Shameless pitch – if you know of anyone looking for a historic home that wants to live in a small town in northern CT – let me know! We have a house to sell!!!)

Anyway – the point of today’s Fridays with Fisher isn’t to sell my house. It’s to share a few tools with you that I think can be very useful for you.

Your best resource is my internal sales partner Justin Fox. You can reach Justin via email at and at (844) 658-3725.

Aside from leaning into Justin, here are a few resources for you.

Care Solutions Product Guide

Care Solutions Underwriting Guide

Pre-Underwriting Inquiry Form – This is a fillable form that you send directly to our underwriting team to preview a case and secure guidance on whether we can offer coverage, whether the policy would be rated, and what products & riders may be available.

Ineligible Impairments Asset Care – Use this with your client to pre-qualify from a health perspective.

Ineligible Impairments Annuity Care – Use this with your client to pre-qualify from a health perspective. (note: the ineligible impairment list for Annuity Care differs from Asset Care)

Step by Step Guide to Receiving Long Term Care – In my opinion, the best product neutral long term care support guide that I have seen produced by any carrier. (You need to order this in hard copy and share with your clients.)

Just a reminder – every Tuesday night at 7pm is our virtual consumer seminar – the Great Retirement Income Gap. For more information, go to the LTC Coffee Break website at

Thanks again and I hope that you will join Michael and me on our next full edition of LTC Coffee Break on July 6.

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