The Value of Two

This week, I am sharing a quick idea or two based upon a conversations that I had this past week with producers and advisors. Just a reminder, that I am back in business and on the road meeting in-person (one-on-one, small groups, or agency-level meetings).

This leads me into my shameless pitch for our upcoming OneAmerica Care Solutions Regional Meetings. Please consider joining us. September 28 & 30, we will be in Springfield, MA and Foxboro, MA; October 5 & 7, Cherry Hill, NJ and Hackensack, NJ will be our meeting locations. For more information and to register,

I lead off with the headline “the value of two”. This a very pointed reference which is something that is unique to the OneAmerica products (Asset Care and Annuity Care). That feature is the ability to insure two people (typically spouses) using one policy.

With Asset Care, this provides immediate leverage due to the pricing model of the base policy moving from single life to survivorship. And, with any of the Annuity Care products, this allows for the spouse of the annuitant to be included for benefits as an “eligible person”.

In both instances, everyone on the policy will require underwriting. As a reminder, Annuity Care is never more than a telephone interview. And, with Asset Care the policy can be completed either using the “full” application process or by telephone interview. (I am encouraging that business be submitted via full application at this time due to delays in scheduling interviews.)

Regardless of which product is elected, both insureds can receive the monthly maximum benefit tax-free for as long as they require care. And, the benefits can be significant if their claims are long in duration and the policy is issued providing lifetime benefits. Remember, both Asset Care and Annuity Care offer this. And, OneAmerica is the only carrier writing asset-based LTC that offers unlimited duration benefits.

My pitch to you is this – the next time that you meet with a couple … include a OneAmerica solution in the mix.

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