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Last week, I shared with you a a recap of a few of the resources that Michael Florio and I discussed during our regional fall meetings. Today, I am sharing with you a NEW, fresh off the shelf, consumer campaign focusing on one of the core differentiators for OneAmerica – lifetime benefits.

While the industry trend is to downplay the lifetime benefit story, we at OneAmerica believe that it is a very valuable planning tool. And, with that in mind, we’ve created a consumer campaign that you can use with your clients.

One thing that is often understated for any insurance product is that it (whatever the peril is that triggers the benefits to be paid) impact not just the insured but everyone around them. With this in mind, we created content to demonstrate how an Asset Care solution can help.

Check out our “Family will always come first” video.


We offer this video in a 60 second or 30 second format. Along with that, we’ve created a social media tip sheet to help you integrate it in your social media postings.

To view all of the resources that are available to you, we have created a Lifetime Protection Campaign page. The materials that we share can be used individually or in combination to create a campaign with your clients and prospects.

There is much more available to you in all formats – electronic, hard copy, video, and social media. Check out all of the pieces available for you at the Lifetime Protection Campaign page. And, share the message.

One thing that I suggest before starting any campaign is that you speak with one of our Marketing Support Managers to help you coordinate, manage, and develop a solid campaign. Give me a shout and I will make the introduction.

For more ideas from OneAmerica, join Michael Florio and me on our weekly webcast LTC Coffee Break. is your home page to everything LTC Coffee Break including new episode, an archive of every broadcast, and much more.

To schedule a meeting (virtual or in-person)with me – call or text me at (678) 512-9627 or via email at

For product questions and illustration assistance – call Justin Fox at (844) 658-3725 or email at

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