LTC Awareness Month

November is designated as Long Term Care Awareness Month and is recognized by many states and Congress as such. Here are a few Did you knows about LTC.

More than 75% of adults who will receive LTC services will receive them at home.

On average, 21 hours of care are provided per week when that caregiver is a family member.

Over 90% of caregivers have to alter their work schedule to provide care to their loved one.

Around 40% of caregivers have to switch from full-time work to part-time work in order to care for a loved one.

The one way to reduce the impact of a long term care event is to have a funded long term care plan in place. A funded plan (ideally funded using the leverage of insurance) can help. This means rather than having a family member put their life on hold, a trained caregiver can provide that care at home or in facility-based care.

That is the whole purpose of an insurance-based strategy – to keep people who require care at home (where they prefer to be) as long as possible. Note, I said an insurance-based strategy – that could come in the form of an asset-based solutions like Asset Care or Annuity Care or from a traditional plan or even from a life insurance policy that might include a long term care rider.

One thing to remember, there is no cookie cutter solution. Every situation is unique.

At OneAmerica, we believe in that – building the right funding solution for your client’s unique needs.

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