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Last week, I talked about the need for a plan and that a policy is not a plan. Along with that, I shared a couple of tools that we can provide you free of charge.

The Step-by-step guide to receiving long term care

Virtual Consumer Seminar (link goes to the information page)

In reality, most people believe that they will not need long term care services. So, why buy a policy that they will never need. It’s the denial card. And, in more cases than not, it is a FANTASY.

Not a FANTASY that they will have wasted money on a policy, but a FANTASY that they will never experience a situation where care is needed.

Of course, there are solutions (like Asset Care and Annuity Care) that will make the client whole should they never require the use of their policy. But, even with this option, many will live in the FANTASY world and do nothing.

Sadly, there are advisors who believe in the FANTASY that they can “outearn” the leverage of an insurance policy and provide a “self-funded” strategy.

If you haven’t clicked FANTASY by now, there is a point to the link and capitalization – to illustrate the point that a not having a plan is like a FANTASY. And, I figured that linking to a positive FANTASY would be much more preferable than a reality without a plan when an extended event occurs.

So, here is a better FANTASY by Earth, Wind, and Fire who I will be seeing perform tonight at Mohegan Sun. Enjoy.

From 1977 – Fantasy by Earth, Wind, and Fire

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