Things We Keep

One thing for certain, insurance is about a promise – a promise to pay. But, it is really more than that – it is a promise that allows us to keep memories alive.

This week on LTC Coffee Break, Michael Florio and I shared with you the new OneAmerica video called “The Things We Keep”.

LTC Coffee Break Espresso Shot 2/15/2022

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When my grandfather was nearing the end of his life, my son Benjamin was born. Ben (or Benji as only my grandfather would call him) gave him a new lease on his life. I believe that it was extended by at least a year. My grandfather was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 3 months before Ben entered the world.

Anyway, I remember so many good things about them together because we had a plan in place. Watching them eat spaghetti was a comedy show – my grandfather wore more of it than my son. Listening to my grandfather explain baseball to an baby was hysterical (apparently, he did the same thing with me). But, the lasting memory was on his final day was my grandfather playing with matchbox cars with Ben from his hospital bed.

The insurance made for good memories because my family was able to secure the care that my grandfather needed – not act as a caregiver.

We were able to make new memories.

That is what having a plan can do. It can add to the things that we keep.

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