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Last week, we announced a price reduction to our Asset Care product which takes effect this week. You will be happy to know that if you have an application in house, those new rates will apply. If you have any questions pertaining to the reprice, PLEASE DIRECT YOUR QUESTIONS TO JUSTIN FOX AT (844) 658-3725 an

This week on LTC Coffee Break, I shared a little about Annuity Care. While it doesn’t align with the announcement, it does offer me an opportunity to reinforce to you that the OneAmerica Care Solutions suite of products provides you with the broadest set of premium options and benefits solutions. No other carrier can compare. (More below the LTC Coffee Break link.)

LTC Coffee Break Espresso Shot 5/24/2022

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This week, I had a conversation with an advisor who contacted me about a case that was declined by one of our peers. Why? Because the client’s build did not align with their requirements. Simply, she was a little short for her weight.

Of course, I obliged and contacted our underwriting team and received a confirmation that her build was indeed within our Asset Care and Annuity Care limits. And, that we would consider her for either product.

There are two points that I want to make here.

  1. Care Solutions underwriting is willing to work to find a solution for clients. With the ability to fully underwrite Asset Care or pivot to Annuity Care if the risk profile does not align, OneAmerica stands alone.
  2. A little effort by the advisor upfront and doing a bit of field underwriting would have saved 2 or 3 weeks of time.

With these points in mind, I want to impress upon you that we are willing to work to earn your business and provide a long term care funding solution. And, since we will work to find a solution for you, why not lead with OneAmerica?

I want your long term care funding business. Call either my internal Justin or me with your next long term care case.


You can contact me via email at or call me at (678) 512-9627.

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