Less Than Perfect Client To Underwrite

This past week on LTC Coffee Break, we spoke with OneAmerica’s Care Solutions underwriting directors Diane Carpenter and David Gorman.

If you didn’t have a chance to watch, check it out.

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One important piece of the conversation that will likely be overlooked takes place midway through our conversation. Simply – what advice do you have for working with a client who is likely to be rated?

The answer was – submit a full application and forego the phone interview.

That flies in the face of conventional wisdom. But, when you think about it, it makes sense. If you know that your client’s health will be a challenge and underwriting will requires paramedical exams and/or attending physicians statements to underwrite – then submit a fully completed application.

Submitting the full application gets the case in front of an underwriter more rapidly and they can start the ordering of requirements. Submitting a “ticket”, where the medical component is completed by a telephonic interview, adds a step to the process and delays the ordering of requirements.

Any time that you suspect that there will be an underwriting challenge OR if you did not receive favorable results from your favorite long term care provide, please submit an informal inquiry using our Pre-Underwriting Inquiry Form and plan to submit a full application for traditional underwriting.

I would go so far as to say that you (and your client) will have a better experience if you do the difficult thing and spend some time focusing on their medical history before submitting any business with any carrier.

Remember, you have all of the tools at your disposal … take advantage of them.

Ineligible Impairments Asset Care

Ineligible Impairments Annuity Care

Pre-Underwriting Inquiry Form

Care Solutions Underwriting Guide

We at OneAmerica want to earn your business. And, our willingness to underwrite and work the difficult cases is an example of that willingness. Ask yourself this – is your “go to long term care carrier” willing to earn your business in underwriting? OneAmerica is …

Give me a call with your next asset based LTC case, you can contact me via email at kevin.fisher@oneamerica.com or call me at (678) 512-9627.

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