Indexed Annuity Care

Alright – it’s time for me to demand your attention. I’ve been polite long enough and people just are not listening.

Your annuity clients are sitting on a long term care time bomb if they are planning to use their annuity money as a funding source.

It is a fact – according to a Gallup survey of nonqualified deferred annuity owners, 73% of annuity owners have earmarked it as a resource to be used in the event of a catastrophic illness or to pay for nursing home care.

So – is that nonqualified deferred annuity in the right place?

OneAmerica pioneered an annuity solution that was ahead of its time in Annuity Care. The concept is simple – by adhering to specific guidelines in section 844 of the Pension Protection Act, the annuity proceeds that are used to pay long term care benefits or premiums can be received tax-free.

At OneAmerica, we offer this strategy on both a fixed and a fixed indexed annuity chassis. And, only OneAmerica’s Indexed Annuity Care is the ONLY fixed indexed annuity that offers this benefit.

If you are in or near Hartford, Connecticut on August 25 – Michael Florio and I will be sharing the Indexed Annuity Care story at the Hartford Club kicking off at 10am.

To join us, please register by scanning or clicking the QR code.

Remember, Indexed Annuity Care is the only PPA compliant annuity available in the state of Connecticut. And, it is the only PPA compliant fixed indexed annuity in the nation.

A couple of key features of Indexed Annuity Care are the ability to double, triple, or create an unlimited pool of tax free long term care benefits as well as insure both spouses on one policy.

I hope that you will join us when we share the Indexed Annuity Care next week.

Of course, if you would cannot join us and would like to review Indexed Annuity Care or any product in the Care Solutions portfolio, you can reach me at (678) 512-9627.

Of course, my internal sales partner Justin Fox is also available at and (844) 658-3724.

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