Asset-Care … Five Points

Let’s have a little talk about Asset-Care.  Specifically, I want to highlight five points that separate Asset-Care from the pack.

Joint-LTC Benefit

Asset-Care’s joint solution offers a unique value as it is the ONLY asset-based LTC policy that offer true joint benefit.  When coupled with the lifetime continuation of benefit rider, it is untouchable by any of our peers.

Continuation of Benefit Rider

The continuation of benefit rider with Asset-Care is always optional.  When the COB is elected, it can either double the LTC benefit pool or create an unlimited lifetime benefit.  Moreover, the funding for the COB is not derived from the base policy; it is a policy unto itself which opens the door for creating plan design.


Sitting on a whole life chassis and with a non-cancellable COB, the important elements of Asset-Care are guaranteed.  Guaranteed premiums.  Guaranteed benefit (both LTC and death benefit).

Flexible Benefit

A one sized fits all solution is not Asset-Care.  Benefit duration can be a short as 25 months or last a lifetime or somewhere in between.  We believe that every client is unique and their “needs and wants” are vital in developing a long term care funding strategy.

Funding Options

Care Solutions can accommodate funding from virtually any source and with more alternatives than all of our peers combined.  Look at last week’s “funding sources” post for more information.

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