Asset Care for Qualified Money

One funding approach that has been unique to Asset Care is the "self contained" funding strategy for qualified money and non-qualified deferred annuities.  In the original series product, these were know as Asset-Care II (non-qualified money) and Asset-Care III (qualified money). We have made some enhancements to this strategy which, in my humble opinion, are... Continue Reading →

Q&A – Premium Modes for Asset Care

Question:  With the release of the "new" Asset Care, are the premium modes being changed? Answer: We have made changes to our funding options.  As we have done in the past, we will offer single premium (cash or 1035 exchange), the use of non-qualified deferred annuities and qualified money, and recurring premiums. Recurring premiums are... Continue Reading →

Asset Care – Policy Changes

As with every product release, there are changes that come at the policy level.  This is true with Asset Care.  Here are a few changes that you MUST know. The Elimination Period to qualify for benefits has be altered to zero days for home care and 90 days for facility based care.  Remember, those are... Continue Reading →

Q&A – “New” Waiver of Premium

Question: With Asset Care, how does the "new" waiver of premium work? Answer: With the updated Asset Care, the way the waiver of premium (WOP) functions has changed.  Simply, the WOP waives charges for both the base policy and Continuation of Benefit Rider when an insured is  on claim.  Once the claim ceases, the premium... Continue Reading →

Q&A -PA & MA

Question:  Will the "new" Asset Care be approved in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts? Answer: Yes!  The "full" product will be available.  This means that on July 1, joint policies will be available for PA residents and the Continuation of Benefit will be available in MA.

Asset Care Revisions Coming in July

This should come as no surprise.  Noise about Asset Care changes has been swirling around for months.  A couple weeks ago, we announced the changes that are targeted to roll out in July. Here are a few of the enhancements that you will see in the updated Asset Care. zero day elimination period for home... Continue Reading →

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