History of Innovation

Asset-based LTC, aka hybrid or linked linked benefit, have existed since 1988.  OneAmerica stakes a claim to being the premier innovator of this space. There is only one other carrier who can make this claim.  What they and the other carriers in the asset-based LTC arena cannot claim is the depth and breadth of solutions … Continue reading History of Innovation

Q&A – Annuity Training

Question:  What products require annuity training? Answer: A good chunk of the Care Solutions portfolio is comprised of annuity based solutions.  The following products require annuity training: Asset Care Annuity Funding Whole Life Annuity Care Annuity Care II Indexed Annuity Care Legacy Care ImmediateCare SPIA To complete the required training, go to http://www.oneamerica.com/slproducttraining

Waiver or Premium / Elimination Period

Let's take a look at two of the new features that you will find in the Asset Care product relaunch in July - waiver of premium and the elimination period. Frankly, this is a pretty significant upgrade.  The revised waiver of premium waives the policy premium for BOTH the base and Continuation of Benefit Rider … Continue reading Waiver or Premium / Elimination Period

Beneficiary Options for Legacy Care

It is important for all of us to be aware of our options and Legacy Care beneficiaries are no different. As with other annuity contracts, Legacy Care beneficiaries have several ways in which they can receive their proceeds. Spousal beneficiary When a Legacy Care policy owner dies before the maturity date and the named beneficiary is a surviving … Continue reading Beneficiary Options for Legacy Care

Solution to a Maturing Annuity

With trillions of dollars of non-qualified deferred annuities on the books and an aging population, an opportunity exists for you to provide a solution to those long time annuity holders who face the prospect of a maturing annuity contract. Let’s say Mrs. Smith is 90 years old, has a deferred annuity with $190,000 of value … Continue reading Solution to a Maturing Annuity

1035 Exchange & the Transfer Annuity

Let's set the stage.  The advisor and client agree that Annuity Care is the best way to address their LTC concern.  It seems like a slam dunk, the client has a boatload of nonqualified money parked in an index annuity and they want to carve off a small portion to fund their protection. The problem arises.  The ceding carrier … Continue reading 1035 Exchange & the Transfer Annuity