History of Innovation

Asset-based LTC, aka hybrid or linked linked benefit, have existed since 1988.  OneAmerica stakes a claim to being the premier innovator of this space.

There is only one other carrier who can make this claim.  What they and the other carriers in the asset-based LTC arena cannot claim is the depth and breadth of solutions that are found in the Care Solutions portfolio.

Let’s take a walk through a brief history of OneAmerica’s Care Solutions product innovations.

1988 – Whole Life chassis with LTC benefits introduced (Asset Care)

1989 – First policy sold (Asset Care)

1996 – Lifetime Continuation of Benefits option offered on Asset Care with guaranteed premiums

1998 – First annuity based product with LTC benefits sold (Annuity Care)

1999 – Lifetime Continuation of Benefits option offered on Annuity Care with guaranteed premiums

2004 – Deferred annuity with issue age to 99 introduced (Legacy Care)

2006 – Pension Protection Act passed

2009 – Deferred annuity with “inherent” LTC continuation of benefits rider introduced (Annuity Care II)

2014 – First indexed annuity with LTC benefits including lifetime COB introduced

2019 – Whole Life chassis with LTC benefits relaunched (Asset Care) with enhanced benefits and riders

Our experience, innovation, and leadership equals a commitment to the market.  Our policyholders have been placing their trust in OneAmerica’s asset-based long term care products for 30 years.  Through 12/31/2018, over $8.4 billion of Asset Care was in force.


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