The Pre-Underwriting Inquiry

Everyone is not in perfect health – we know that.  We also recognize that the market for our extended healthcare (LTC) funding solutions is not young (the typical client is over 62 and Care Solutions can be written up to age 85).  All this means that health challenges exist.

Take a look at the Underwriting Guide and focus on the height-weight chart as well as the roster of insurable maladies and you will find that the Care Solutions underwriting is aggressive.

Also remember, that Asset Care can be issued with table ratings for both morbidity and mortality to Table 8.  And, if an Asset Care offer cannot be made, our underwriting team will automatically pivot to see if Annuity Care might be an option.

One tool that is highly recommended is the Pre-Underwriting Inquiry.

Pre-Underwriting Inquiry is the Care Solutions informal inquiry program. A Pre-Underwriting Inquiry lets you submit information about a prospective client’s history and receive an underwriter’s response about the client’s insurability for the indicated product(s), eligibility for expedited underwriting and tentative rate classification.

With this program, you can receive an informal evaluation within 24 hours without taking a full application or submitting to full underwriting.

A Pre-Underwriting Inquiry is especially useful when talking to a client whose insurability is questionable; you can ask for an underwriting opinion before applying for coverage — saving time for yourself, your client and setting expectations.

Getting started – simply complete the Pre-Underwriting Inquiry form and email it to Underwriting will review your request and respond within 24 hours.

Tips to support the Pre-Underwriting Inquiry process:

If you have any questions, please contact Justin Fox at or by dialing (844) 658-3725.  You may also contact me at or via text/voice at (678)512-9627.


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