Before Anything – Make Sure You’re IGO

Over the last few of weeks, I shared a three specifics ways that you can improve both your and your client’s experience.

Those were using our Pre-Underwriting Inquiry process to help diagnose the insurability of your client as well as help determine a product solution AND utilizing our eApplication process which can shave at least 5 days off of the “cycle time”.

I understand that not everyone is inclined to use eApp that is why we maintain the paper process.  At OneAmerica, we understand that everyone has their unique needs and requirements and we do our best to meet them.

Please join me for my webcast on June 4 at 11 a.m. where I will be sharing ideas to “relaunch your business”.

Aside from underwriting and health issues that sneak up on us after the application is submitted, the most common issue that delays an application moving to issue is found in the licensing and contracting area.

Whether you are new to the company and just getting appointed or a 30 year veteran, these three issues have a habit of popping up.

  • State certification
  • Continuing education
  • Company-specific training

All of these issues are avoidable.  Every BGA’s back office that I have ever worked with are equipped to help manage these requirements.  And, on a more reactive basis, so is OneAmerica.  Should you experience a contracting issue, please start with your BGA as they may be able to address the situation quickly.

As a friendly reminder, remember to check before you submit an application to determine your licensing status for the state in which you will be conducting business.  And, most importantly, make sure that your continuing education requirements are current.

While we and our distribution partners can assist, it is far more beneficial for you to proactively monitor and manage your licenses and their associated requirements.

As the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Don’t forget to join me and get some product ideas for “Relaunching your Business ” on June 4 at 11 a.m. 

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