Application Submission Options

There are two ways to submit applications for OneAmerica’s Care Solutions products  -traditional paper process or electronically.  With the “shelter in place” requirements in many of our communities, electronic submission is the safest (and quickest) route to go.

The e-Application option is available on the following platforms:

When you complete the electronic ticket application and provide the electronic signature, the ticket application and all required forms are automatically submitted to OneAmerica saving time.

Another value of using e-App is that signatures can be obtained electronically and remotely, all of the required paperwork is part of the e-App, and everything will be submitted in good order.

Join me on April 30 at 11am when I share more tools from OneAmerica that you might find to be beneficial as we navigate these new waters.

A second decision that will be required before submitting an application (paper or e-App) is whether it will be a full application (non-medical Part I and medical Part II) or using an abbreviated process (non-medical Part I) where our vendor LTCG contacts the client and completes the medical questions (Medical Part II) in addition to the phone interview.  The flowchart below might help you visualize the part process.


Remember to join me on April 30 at 11am when I share more tools from OneAmerica to help you adapt to our “new normal”.

I also host every the LTC Coffee Break every Tuesday at 10am (eastern & pacific) where in the time it takes to finish a small Dunkin Donuts coffee, Michael Florio and I share a little bit of our weekly conversation with you.


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